How to fish the Chug Norris 50mm. 2 different retrieve methods.

Small in stature, big on personality. The Chug Norris 50 is the smallest of the Chug series but still moves a ton of water for its size. Damon Olsen shows how to fish the Chug Norris popper for maximum results. The Chug 50 surface popper can be retrieved in 2 different ways. How to walk the dog and standard blooping techniques are covered in the video. The Chug has been designed to move a lot of water with minimal effort, the fact that it can also be used in a walk the dog technique makes it a very versatile popper. Ideal techniques for a wide variety of species such as bream, bass, peackcock bass, jungle perch, estuary perch, sooty grunter, tailor and more.