Riptide 105 – how to use the Riptide sinking stickbait

How to use the Riptide 105 sinking stickbait. If you’re wanting to learn how to fish a sinking stickbait then watch this video. We think the Riptide 105 is the best sinking stick bait lure when big fish are feeding on small bait. At 105mm or 4 inches long the Riptide 105 weighs in at 1.3oz or 37 grams so it’s a great casting lure on spin and overhead tackle. Gorilla through wire and heavy duty BKK inline single hooks means it can stand up to big fish. The Riptide 105 has caught Bluefin tuna to 100lb so you can trust that its construction is super strong. Effective on all predatory fish the Riptide has caught bluefin tuna, yellow kingfish, mackerel, striped bass, mahi mahi just name a few. Watch the video to see how to work the Riptide to mimic a wounded baitfish