Crafted by Experience – Episode 4 – The Source

Continuing the Nomad Design Short Film Series – make sure you subscribe to see every episode first when it is launched, and checkout the other episodes in the Crafted by Experience Series Playlist.

Episode 4 takes us on a journey to see how the Nomad Design lures are designed, tested and how they evolve from an idea in Damon’s head and into a working reality. The DTX 220 is used as an example, showing how complex the process is to convert a DTX 200 into a DTX 220. You might think it simple to just upscale a 200 into a 220, but this journey shows how much testing and work goes into even the seemingly simplest of size upgrades. You can only imagine the testing and development that goes into new models!

Whether you fish for Wahoo and Tuna offshore, or barramundi, striped bass, snook, mackerel or any sportfish in the world, this video is a must watch.

There are very few, if any tackle companies that test their tackle to the extent done so by Nomad Design, and this video shows how Damon Olsen’s 20+ years of Charter experience are applied to the design, development and testing of every single lure in the Nomad Design range. We don’t just make products and hope they work, we make them and test them again and again and keep refining them until they are as close to perfect as possible.

This is why Crafted by Experience matters and it’s what makes all Nomad Design tackle different from the rest. It is truly Crafted by Experience.