How to set a spread of Nomad Design Offshore Trolling lures with Captain Rush

Captain Rush from Local Knowledge shares some tips on setting a spread for offshore trolling with Nomad trolling baits. Rush goes through seeting the spread with the Madmacs, DTX200 and DTX220.

The Madmacs range of super high speed trolling lures come in 3 sizes. Developed for high-speed trolling, the 160mm / 6” and 200mm / 8” are capable of a max speed of 20 knots with the 240mm / 10” rated at 15 knots. More than a high-speed trolling lure the Madmacs features the patent pending Autotune system which allows the Madmacs to always troll straight and perfectly run fish after fish. An added benefit of the Autotune system is an amazing action that kicks in at lower speeds of even 5 knots. The ability to troll at a large range of speeds makes this a must have lure in every spread. The Madmacs will run at a depth of around 8-10ft when trolled at slower speeds and around 1-1.5m / 3-4ft depth when trolled super-fast.

The DTX Minnow has raised the bar in trolling minnow performance and features the pat. pending Autotune system. Developed over years of R&D the Autotune system gives the lure the ability to perfectly centre itself at the tow point delivering 3 key benefits, the ability to ensure the lure always swims straight, increasing diving depth and increased troll speed. This combination makes it unique in the world of offshore trolling minnows. A self centering tow point ensures that no matter how many fish you catch, the lure will keep swimming straight. Conventional lures with a fixed tow point cannot all be made perfectly centred to swim straight. The ability of the Autotune system to perfectly centre itself every time on the bib means that the tow point can be pushed as far back on the bib as possible, meaning maximum diving depth and better action combined with higher troll speeds.