How to use the Dartwing 70 surface lure – Tips & Techniques

How to fish the Dartwing 70 surface skittering popper. The best surface prawn lure we’ve ever seen, the dartwing 70 mimics a fleeing prawn like no other lure and is so easy to use. Damon Olsen from Nomad design shows you how to use the Dartwing with 2 retieve techniques. A simple straight wind and a walk the dog twitching style retrieve is all that needed to get the Dartwing skittering across the surface. The dartwing 70 is deadly on all surface feeding predators. Whiting, bream, bass an any other small sportfish lat eats prawns, shrimp and baitfish off the top. The Dartwings unique shape gives it an action that fish find hard to resist.