Nomad Design Jig Wallet with Hook Mesh system – Stores all your jigs rigged and ready for action

The Nomad Design Jig Wallet and Sleeve is purpose built for rigged and ready storage of jigs with hooks attached. The unique Hook Mesh system means you are always rigged and ready for action. No more messing around with having to attach hooks to your jigs, just connect your jig and fish. Neatly store a minimum of 24 large jigs in the Wallet, or by adding the Velcro insert Sleeve it doubles your storage capacity to 48+ large jigs. The Sleeve can be used separately as a handy jig or lure storage unit and with its strong waterproof material and Velcro cover its ready to hold your jigs safe a secure. This jig storage system is built strong for the toughest conditions. Features • Unique built in hook keeper mesh to allow easy and snag free access. • Double sided stoage for more than 24 jigs • Super tough construction with double velcro to hold jigs safe and secure • Insert into Nomad Design Jig Wallet for ultimate storage (sold seperately)