Nomad Design SlideKick

The Nomad Slidekick is an updated version of the classic Surface Iron design. The shape and internal weights have been placed to get maximum action and that all important random “sidekick” action that drives the fish crazy. The materials and weight placement makes the Slidekick super easy to cast at 4.25oz, but there is no compromise on action, just better distance to get closer to the fish more often. Designed with materials that allow super lifelike finishes and the natural baitfish appeal that makes fish bite, the Slidekick is a must have casting bait. The design incorporates a stainless steel plate through the entire body for maximum strength, with a weighted lead plate bonded to the steel plate, positioned for maximum action and casting distance. The outer body is made of super tough and durable “soft touch” PVC moulded around the stainless steel plate. Most of the paint is applied to the inside of the stainless plate, meaning the finish will last. Completed with a large welded solid ring on the front and a heavy duty rear split ring attached to an ultra sharp 4X BKK treble hook, the Slidekick is built to catch and keep catching!