How it all began

THE DREAM BECOMES A REALITY. In the late 1990’s it was my dream to setup a world class blue water sport fishing charter that ventured far beyond the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, into the pristine and untouched Coral Sea.

The plan was simple, I need to build an 80ft mothership, serviced by a fleet of smaller sport fishing centre consoles, accessed only by a 2-3hr float plane trip into the middle of the ocean. Much of this had never been done anywhere in the world. By 2005 my dream had become a reality.

Nomad Sport Fishing Adventures is now regarded as one of the premier blue water sport fishing experiences in the world. We’ve hosted many Professional Fishing personalities and featured on TV shows in over 28 countries. My team and I take great pleasure in providing access to some of the world’s finest fishing for those seeking an exceptional adventure.

What we did realise early on however, was the gear we were using wasn’t holding up against the elements. If we wanted gear that would catch, withstand brutal punishment and not cost a fortune, we would have to start making it ourselves. Nomad Design was born.


Nomad on Discovery Channel

Watch The episode of Local Knowledge TV Show that featured Nomad Design Tackle fishing the Great Barrier Reef in 2018. It gives a great insight into the charter operation and the man behind the Nomad brand.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

CRAFTED BY EXPERIENCE: Means a great deal to us, it’s been hard won and earned through decades of experience on the water. As the founder, former captain and fishing guide of one of the world’s premier blue water sport fishing charters in Australia’s remote Coral Sea. I required the toughest and most effective lures for our domestic and international fishing clients. After years of making the most of lures that simply didn’t meet the standards we required, I put my engineering degree to good use and began creating lures crafted to withstand the demanding predators of the Coral Sea. Nomad Sport Fishing Adventures became, and still is, the ultimate testing ground for every one of our products over the last two decades. Our lures are the culminsation of real experience crafted by forces of nature, and tested to the limit.

Every lure I create starts as a sketch before being 3D modelled, prototyped and rigorously tested in all conditions. The internal weight options are selected, manufactured and hand tested on the water to achieve the perfect action and balance for every style, every time. Patterns and colours are meticulously chosen and hand drawn, resulting in an exceptional, factory hand painted lure. The world’s best hooks and terminals are then chosen as the final accompaniment to a Nomad Design lure, that is in every way crafted by experience.

Our lures are the result of a lifelong passion for fishing and an uncompromising desire to create lures for every species of fish, inshore and offshore anywhere in the world.