Nomad Design AMMONITE Braid has been specifically developed as a premium quality jigging braid featuring the ultimate in PE Fibre
The super tight 36 weave X8 constructions along with a Hydroslick coating gives the angler direct contact in deep water when fishing jigs and provides incredible strength to diameter ratios to get down fast. AMMONITE is super smooth, abrasion resistant, incredibly strong and very thin, resulting in the ultimate braid for all deep water jigging applications.
The straight fall and direct feel of this braid when free spooling improves bite detection and jig presentation to all target species. Colour changes every 20ft (3 colours) allows you to fish all depths of the water column with accuracy and ease. Designed and tested in Australia using decades of on the water experience, AMMONITE premium jigging braid is ready for you to fight the next monster of the deep.


ModelBreaking strainDia. mmCarrierColour
Ammonite PE2.539lb0.238Multi - 20ft colour changes
Ammonite PE344lb0.288Multi - 20ft colour changes
Ammonite PE455lb0.308Multi - 20ft colour changes
Ammonite PE561lb0.338Multi - 20ft colour changes