The Buffalo  is a slow pitch centre balanced jig featuring 5X BKK hooks on the tail. This style of jig is ideal when used with a long lift of the rod, and then allowed to flutter on the drop. It works perfectly amongst schools of tuna, or on reef species on a slow fall near the bottom. The centre balanced weight means the jig will flutter as it falls, looking like a wounded fish.


ModelWeightJig Style Hooks FittedUsesLocationPRODUCT CODE
Buffalo 4040g / 1.4ozSlow Pitch Flash FallTwin AssistJiggingInshoreBUFF-040
Buffalo 6060g / 1ozSlow Pitch Flash Fall5X BKK AssistJiggingInshoreBUFF-060
Buffalo 8080g / 2.8ozSlow Pitch Flash Fall5X BKK AssistJiggingInshore/OffshoreBUFF-080
Buffalo 120120g / 4ozSlow Pitch Flash Fall5X BKK AssistJiggingInshore/OffshoreBUFF-120
Buffalo 180180g / 6.3ozSlow Pitch Flash Fall5X BKK AssistJiggingInshore/OffshoreBUFF-180
Buffalo 230230g / 8ozSlow Pitch Flash Fall5X BKK AssistJiggingOffshoreBUFF-230
Buffalo 320320g / 11ozSlow Pitch Flash Fall5X BKK AssistJiggingOffshoreBUFF-320