Designed to mimic a skipping bait fish, the Dartwing’s aerodynamic, rear weighted shape makes it a distance casting weapon. The Dartwing’s unique wing shaped head design creates a very versatile surface presentation that can be retrieved at just about any speed to mimic bait fish and shrimp. On a straight retrieve the wings cause a side-to-side darting action and body roll that just gets fish excited. ​ A fast retrieve and with a twitching rod tip make the Dartwing skip across the surface creating maximum surface disturbance and side to side action. The floating version worked slow produces a side-to-side twitching ‘walk the dog’ action with a subtle spitting effect that creates an action unlike any other surface bait.

Long casting with action at a fast retrieve makes the Dartwing an excellent searching lure when covering ground or chasing fast moving fish. Available in 70mm / 2.75”, 130mm / 5” (floating and sinking models), 165mm / 6.5” and 220mm / 8.7”.

  • HD ABS System, an extra strong white plastic for overall strength and durability.
  • Diamond Armour internal mesh system, internal strengthening design for transparent colours. (220 models)
  • Gorilla Through Wire, welded and supported for extra strength. (130, 165 & 220 models)
  • Triple Shield Protection, a painting process for long lasting colour
  • Heavy duty BKK hooks and terminals.


ModelLengthWeightDiving DepthHooks FittedUsesLocationPRODUCT CODE
Dartwing 70 Floating70mm/2.75"3g/0.1ozSurface1X BKK TrebleCastingInshoreDW70-F
Dartwing 130 Floating130mm/5"21g/0.7ozSurface3X BKK TrebleCastingInshore/OffshoreDW130-F
Dartwing 130 Long Cast Sinking130mm/5"42g/1.5ozSurface5X BKK Inline SingleCastingInshore/OffshoreDW130-S
Dartwing 165 Floating165mm/6.5"41g/1.4ozSurface5X BKK Inline SingleCastingInshore/OffshoreDW165-F
Dartwing 220 Floating220mm/8.7"99g/3.5ozSurface5X BKK Inline SingleCastingOffshoreDW220-F

Normal plastic was simply not strong enough for our lures, so we designed a special formula of High Density ABS plastic, which is a white colour, and is ultimately stronger than any other plastic used for lure production. These lures feature a thicker wall construction, meaning ultimate strength and durability.

This is a special internal design process we have implemented for use with clear ABS plastic bodies, where we want colours that are see through, or where using the HD ABS plastic is not required. The internal diamond mesh grid pattern creates an internal framework to strengthen the body of the lure, making it far less likely to be crushed or cracked by large predators. The internal Diamond grid pattern ensure ultimate strength in all applications.

Triple Shield Paint Process
We ensure that the painting process and the quality of the finish on all lures is protected and likely to last longer by applying 3 final coats of a super tough clear resin to the outside of all lures. It provides additional colour depth and ensure that the finish on your lure will last longer.

This through wire system has the wire bend around a set of extra plastic supports internally, making the wire less likely to separate from the lure body, and ensuring ultimate strength. The Through wire is also welded at both ends to ensure you never lose that big fish.

BKK hardware means confidence with every hook set.
Each and every hook made contains the expertise and craftsmanship of over a hundred year's of hook making experience.